It's Observation Time!

Date : 18 Oct 2015

In the rest of the world amateur astronomers usually take their telescope and leave the city at night for observation but here it is easier said than done. Outside of the cities are really dangerous and no parents would let their children attend the observation. You know that we never surrender so we took our telescope and went to Shahrak-e-Aria near the Hamid Karzai international airport. It was not an ideal place because of light pollution but at least lots of people attended the program included girls and elderlies. Let’s see some of the pictures: More

Think Big

Date : 9 Oct 2015

There are lots of talented students in Afghanistan. Students who do not want to give up their goals. We have met some of those children during these years such as students of Pishgaman School. It is a small school in Kabul but has kids with big dreams. They were looking at the sky and imagining a bright future. I know one day we can change this situation together. Good luck! More

Our Legacy

Date : 24 Sep 2015

Five years ago we were at Farabi High School. The students looked very excited and also members of Afghanistan Astronomy Association. It was the Global Astronomy month : one people, one sky. We said no to racism and went to Farabi High School. We hope some of those children go to a university and continue their education. If some of them go into science, make us even happier. Enthusiastic students, they are our legacy. More

We've just started it!

Date : 23 Sep 2015

Afghanistan Astronomy Association has cooperation with different schools and institutes and Marefat High School is one of them. In my opinion it is the best school in Kabul because they are not like others. Marefat High School is located in a very poor district called Barchi. You can easily realize it from its neighborhood. But nothing will disappoint its students and staff. The manager and teachers, they really respect scientific programs and value it and also their students. We have set various classes for them during all these years about different subjects such as Astrophysics, Milky Way, stars, solar system, sun spots, Greenhouse ... More

Touch the Stars

Date : 3 Sep 2015

For 3 nights we had an amazing program at Kaktoos Café in Pul e Sorkh, Kabul: The Planetarium. Planetarium is like a theater built for educational and entertaining shows about astronomy and night sky. We had a small inflatable portable planetarium dome which inside of it there was a special project in the center. Visitors had to sit down around the project to have a good view. Mr. Bakhshi was explaining about our solar system, its planets, their moons and constellations. We also had a brief introduction about black holes, the milky way and Andromeda galaxy.Our visitors were students, journalists, Kaktoos cafe staff and even elderly. ... More

Transit of Venus 2012

Date : 14 Jun 2015


We Are Star Hunters

Date : 13 Jun 2015

Waiting for a meteor shower and got a real shower :) Photo by Mr.Bakhshi Moonshine by Ibrahim AmiriMilky Way over Istalif Valley near Kabul, but light of Bagram Military base- US forces disturbed the night sky beauty. Photo by Mr. Bakhshi More

Nights of Bamyan

Date : 12 Jun 2015


Our Students, Our Biggest Treasure

Date : 10 Jun 2015

Since October 2009 that we founded this association, we have never forgotten our students. Holding free observation programs and Astronomy classes in state and private schools were our most important missions to help Afghan children and teenagers. Let's look at some of our projects during these yearsPartial Solar eclipse in Abu Nasr Farabi School Khatamon Nabi-ein School, A class about International Space StationAstronomy Book Donation, Panjshir Valley, Dara District. We donated 120 Astronomy book to 20 school principlesNezami Ganjavi School More

A Trip to Nangarhar

Date : 10 Jun 2015

Last year my friend Ibrahim Amiri had a trip to Nangarhar. Nangarhar is one of the Afghanistan's provinces that is located in the eastern part of the country. This program was held in Iqra School and students could observe sun spots through our telescope. Unfortunately we only had an observation program in the daylight because of the security problems. We also gave students our book "Astronomy for everyone", which is translated by Mr. Bakhshi. We hope to have more programs this year in different provinces. Here is the pictures More

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