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Date : 22 Feb 2010
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Introduction of Afghanistan Astronomy Association (AAA)

Institutional Background
The Afghanistan Astronomy Association (AAA), founded in July 2009 is the Central Amateur Astronomy Association. Just a few days after the opening ceremony which was in October 10th, more than 60 individuals registered as members of AAA. AAA with hope to the luminous future and by sound dissemination of Astronomy and humanization of this culture, performing his role in building of Afghanistan's future. Using this opportunity and keeping in mind that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), proclaimed the 2009 the International Year of Astronomy, we try to bold the presence of Afghans in this caravan.

Last year for the first time we celebrated the International Space week and at that time, when we faced with that question; "What benefit can bring astronomy for ordinary afghans?" we realized that the Astronomy still the old Astrology and most of people thinks that astronomy is not science and there is no need to study the astronomy.

From that moment, we the member of AAA started our efforts towards the astronomy knowledge dissemination among Afghans and the creation of first ever astronomy site for Afghans is prove evidence of our claim ( But due to limited access to the internet and mainly for children and due to the illiteracy among majority Afghanis, being content with just one website of astronomy is shortsightedness. Therefore we decided that by creation of an astronomy association, to ease the study of astronomy for all Afghans with different level of knowledge.

Fore the first time AAA celebrated the International Space Week in Kabul. Among participants were Mohammad Ali Fakoor afghan professional astronomer who have don a lot of plant trajectory calculation, based on which made calendars, Eng. Ahmad Shah- Head of Geodesy and Cartography Department, Mohammad Dawran-astronaut and currently Five Star General- Head of Afghan Aviation forces, Mohammad Aziz Jahid–Head of financial department of National Assembly, and a number of university prophesiers, teachers and students and representatives of mass media. It is worth mention to note that this occasion has a remarkable value for afghan nation. Since the Afghanistan send one astronauts in board with Soviet astronaut.

We believe, that astronomy can solve one of the background problems of Afghanistan; the struggle over the real ownership of this country, which last more than three decades. We try by wiping off the gun smoke from Afghanistan sky, to show the beauty and mysterious of Universe to all afghans; so they will understand that this world, this blue planet and even this sun with its planets are just so tinny point in the Grand picture of Universe that no one is better than other; except by knowledge and moral values.

Unfortunately, in epoch that science has so enormous effect over our life, many think that there is no need to study astronomy and what role plays astronomy in human life? But, alas such kind of notion and thinking is as a result of unawareness about existence world, because the world seeing of every one is equal to his view and imagination about existence world.   

But without the assistance of space frontiers and advanced astronomy entities, Afghanistan Astronomy Association would not be able to accomplish his role and make concrete steps toward the astronomy publication among different layer of society.

TM-6 Soyuz Campaign In USSR & Afghanistan

Abdul Ahad Mohmand is the first Afghan astronaut.

Before he became an astronaut, Mohmand citizen of Afghanistan to go into space. In 1988, Mohmand spent 9 days in space aboard the Mir space station. He made observations of Afghanistan during this mission. Abdul Ahad Mohmand was an Afghan citizen, he was born in Afghanistan and he trained in USSR as a pilot. The original plan was for him to be joined by Mohammad Dauran Ghulam Masum. But before the launch Mr. Dauran was diagnosed with appendicitis and his trip was cancelled.

Welcome to Afghanistan Astronomy Association

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