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Date : 23 Sep 2015
User : مدیر وبسایت
Author : Riza Fazili
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Afghanistan Astronomy Association has cooperation with different schools and institutes and Marefat High School is one of them. In my opinion it is the best school in Kabul because they are not like others. Marefat High School is located in a very poor district called Barchi.  You can easily realize it from its neighborhood. But nothing will disappoint its students and staff. The manager and teachers, they really respect scientific programs and value it and also their students. We have set various classes for them during all these years about different subjects such as Astrophysics, Milky Way, stars, solar system, sun spots, Greenhouse effect, etc.
 Observation has been a part of our program to motivate students too. We couldn’t hold observation at nights because of security problems but we at least observed sun spots and eclipses.
We have done our best to help these interested students and will do our best in the future. Let’s look at some pictures of those moments:

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